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The Value of Personal Leadership

By: Professor Hitendra Wadhwa (3 minute video)

Professor Hitendra Wadhwa of Columbia Business School discusses the importance of cultivating personal leadership skills in our increasingly complex world.Key Personal Leadership Skills to Develop:

1) Developing a stable inner core, being anchored in your values, knowing your beliefs, and having a vision and a purpose.

2) Becoming flexible, adaptable and resilient. Developing self-awareness of limiting behaviors and being open to change.

Developing these skills is central to your success in the leadership of others for 3 reasons.
1) Having a clear path forward and being anchored in your life allows you to have better clarity and direction in the workplace.
2) It makes you wiser and allows you to operate at an optimal level. Provides emotional stability and clarity.
3) Through feedback we realize the need to fill gaps we have, are open to change, and develop new habits. It provides us with a growth toolkit and personal development plan.

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